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We Are Open!

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The farm is open for visitors to enjoy and to learn about sheep farming in Georgia.

We are one of the few farms in the country that breed sheep for use in the production of gourmet meats. Our sheep are raised with care and respect on beautiful, organically managed pastures, and never given hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. They are raised the old-fashioned way: outdoors, on pasture, eating natural Orchard grass, clover, and alfalfa.

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Featured sheep categories

  • Proven Ewes:

    Adult ewes who have been in our breeding program and lambed...

  • Yearling Ewes:

    These are ewes we've kept over from the previous year's crop. A lamb fleece...

  • Ewe Lambs:

    Ewe lambs come from this year's flock. In a good breeding program the lambs...

  • Yearling Rams:

    These are proven stud rams or rams we've kept back to observe their...

  • Ram Lambs:

    Like ewe lambs, with ram lambs you're buying potential (and a beautiful lamb...

  • Wethers:

    Neutered (castrated) ram lambs. These are healthy rams with nice fleeces, no...

Enjoy our Sheep Farm experience

The Farm team

Hayden Cress
Mindy Forbes
Lee Forbes
Sipsey Sue

A source of knowledge in sheep feeding and management


Our pastures have been custom blended to provide four season forage so we can keep our flock outdoors for natural rearing. We do offer shelter and our heated barn if harsh weather happens. A steady supply of fresh hay is cultured from our valley in Ellijay Georgia. We spray, cut, and bale our own as to control our feed from roots to mouth.

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Sheep Care

Lambs do require daily care! we are at the farm every day improving the grounds and offering hands on care for each of our animals. You can see us in person when you stop by the store or just wave from the car while you pass on Boardtown Road. We would be happy to show you around on your next visit!

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