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We Are Open!

fresh Local Lamb

Open field bread and raised from our farm to your table. We make Lamb easy!

wine vinyard

walk through our trellises and enjoy the fruits of each season.

The Old Barn

A trip down Boardtown road is a step back in time to rural life with our 1960's Barn and event center

Tractor hay rides

A fall time favorite! Tour our farm like a local on our wagon ride.

Local Favorites

Pick up a basket full of our locals finest fresh seasonal treats in our Farm Store.

Fall Corn Maze

Our corn maze is good ol' fall family fun! Wind through the stalks and enjoy fresh treats after you emerge!

Welcome to our Sheep Farm!


Raised on pasture

If you're not already familiar, a lamb is a sheep that is less than one year old. Our lambs are rotated regularly on pasture. Rotational grazing is the practice of moving animals through pasture to improve soil, plant and animal health which results in top quality lamb meat.

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feed the sheep

Planning your Event

Our farm is just the right size to host your small to medium sized event or rustic wedding. We have renovated facilities and helpful staff who are experienced in making your day magical.

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live music

Live Music shows

Local talent and traveling shows are scheduled with us monthly. Check out our calendar for future events and enjoy our entertainment with friends.

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Fall Corn Maze
Daily Baked sweets and Breads
Fresh Local Pork
Top Quality Lamb cuts

what our visitors enjoy most

Our Family farm hosts many events both public and private through oput the year! Be sure to check our calendar for upcoming activities or th schedule your private event with us.

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High quality and wholesome products from our farm


Rustic Farm weddings - coming soon

A day to remember at the farm! Tie the knot at out event barn for your unique and charming wedding.

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Healthy Lamb

natural lamb rearing

Nature at it's best. We breed and rear our own closed stock of lambs for the highest quality farm fresh lamb available. Schedule your next whole lamb purchase through us and you will receive freezer ready vacuum sealed cuts.

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We flourish in lamb growth and quality of our flock

Katahdin / Dorper

We raise Katahdin (kuh-tah-dn) and Dorpers

A breed of hair sheep that sheds their hair each spring and does not need shearing. We fell in love with this breed for their strong mothering instinct, resistance to parasites, cold and heat tolerance and high fertility. It is known for its high quality, lean, mild flavored meat.

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Butchered Lambs

Lambs are typically ready Spring and Fall.

We use a USDA certified processing center. You can have your lamb cut and vacuum sealed to your specifications. Each carcass weighs between 70lbs and 100 lbs. All of our lamb is born and raised on our pastures. Quality is our priority.

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Fall Corn Maze

Late September through November

Looking for a fun family adventure this fall? Bring the gang outside and challenge the maze! Enjoy our farm favorite treats once you escape in Blue Ridge. Admission is available weather permitting. Free parking area for you but please ride together if you can.

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